2.2m Length Garden Railway Sleepers (Grade B)

£785.00 Free Nationwide Delivery

Packs with defects and minor damage

Save £25 per pack in comparison to our normal sleeper packs of 30 sleepers by purchasing our Grade B offer.

These sleepers include minor transport damage and defects including but not limited to:

  • Rustic “waney” edges on one or more corners of the sleepers outside of our normal specification
  • Forklift damage from transport
  • Slight warping on one or more sides
  • Larger than usual splits and cracks
  • Insect boring holes prior to treatment (still protected)
  • Small size discrepancies

This is a great opportunity if you don’t mind imperfect sleepers and are looking for a more rustic aesthetic.

All sleepers are treated as normal.

Species: Softwood – Pine/Spruce
Treatment: HC3 Tanalith ‘E’ Tanalised Treatment
Dimensions: 2.2m x 200mm x 100mm
Weight: 25kg approximately

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