2.2m Length Garden Railway Sleepers

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Mainly used for garden edging, borders and retaining walls, our 2.2m length sleepers are more manageable than standard 2.4m lengths.

More importantly they can be delivered safely, without drivers requiring your assistance to unload them from their vehicle.

Browse our customer photo gallery to see what our customers are doing with our garden sleepers, view our popular raised garden bed kits or place your order below for our 2.2m sleepers.

  • Species: Softwood
  • Treatment: HC3 Tanalith Pressure Treated
  • Length: 2.2m (220cm)
  • Depth: 200mm (20cm)
  • Height: 100mm (10cm)
  • Weight: 28kg approximately

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Don't forget to view our customer photos to see what our customers are doing with their raised beds and sleepers.