3 Common Questions On Railway Sleepers

Our most requested questions on garden sleepers..

Question 1: What are the best sleepers to use in the garden?

We believe using brand new softwood sleepers that are appropriately treated to protect against insect attack and rott are the best sleepers to use in gardens – they are lightweight, manageable and you know there are no nasty chemicals or carcinogens such as creosote contained within the timber, unlike reclaimed and used sleepers often available locally.

Question 2: Can you lay railway sleepers on soil?

Sleepers that are pressure treated with Tanalith E treatment to HC3 standards can be laid directly over soil and are designed for direct ground contact.

Question 3: How long do sleepers last in the garden?

Garden sleepers that have been treated will last anywhere from 15-30 years – it’s difficult to pin an exact time-frame, as it will vary on many factors and due to the thickness of sleepers, even when the treatment starts waning after 15-20 years, they will still be good for many more years later.

We supply a range of garden sleepers and raised bed kits – all of which are pressure treated with Tanalith E to HC3 standards.

Sleeper Screws Added To Our Product Range

You can now buy sleeper screws with your garden sleepers!

Always endeavoring to make our customers lives easier with most projects being complicated enough, we have added two sizes of long, structural sleeper screws to our range of products.

The 6.5mm x 150mm lengths are for joining corners together by drilling through the 100cm sides of both sleepers, and the 250mm lengths are for drilling in to sleepers below to secure layers together such as in walls or raised beds.

They look superb in natural brown and are resistant to corrosion with a special coating that protects them from the elements.

Don’t forget our raised bed kits already contain all of the screws needed to assemble them – the packs of 50 screws we have introduced are for those with larger projects in mind.

Visit our sleeper screws page to view both packs of screws.

Which Sleepers Last The Longest?

There is only one answer..

A common question by anyone looking at designing their garden project using railway sleepers is which type of sleeper lasts the longest, or rather which sleepers won’t start rotting away in a few short years?

The simple truth is that tanalised, pressure treated sleepers are without doubt the most durable and safest sleepers for your garden and why we sell nothing else.

With sleepers placed in a pressurised chamber, liquid treatment that guards against rot and insect attack is forced under significant pressure in to the wood which protects any sleeper that’s in contact with the ground and outdoors for up to 30 years.

With softwood being more lightweight and thus taking the treatment extremely well, this is why all of our garden sleepers are produced from softwood and treated to the correct HC3 Grade Tanalith E Treatment.

We Are Open For Business!

Today marks an exciting day as we launch gardensleepers.co.uk

After working with timber products for many years, we are now taking our expertise and turning it to producing high quality garden railway sleepers for those summer garden and landscaping projects.

I highly recommend our raised bed kit if you are looking in to building a raised garden bed.

If you have something else in mind, we stock 3 sizes of garden sleepers:

Our safe home palletized delivery method is available for our raised bed kit and our 1200mm and 2200mm length sleepers.

Please give us a call or place your order online.

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— Peter


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