Sleeper Raised Bed Kit (Select Your Size)

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The perfect height (40cm) for growing your plants, herbs and vegetables and visually stunning – select the size of raised bed kit you need for your garden and we’ll do the rest

We found many of our customers were looking to build a raised bed using our garden sleepers due to their thickness – for the improved aesthetics, durability and cost effectiveness when compared against cheaper alternatives typically made from timber boards that warp quickly and aren’t suitable long-term.

The problem with cutting lengths of treated tanalised sleepers yourself is that freshly cut edges are no longer protected and require additional edge treatment – not to mention the expense and safety considerations of professional cutting saws.

For this reason we offer a variety of raised garden bed kits which include everything you need – the correct sizes of sleepers with self-driving screws and simple instructions.

Our raised garden beds are pressure treated with Tanalith E, protecting from insect damage and rot from anywhere between 15-30 years.

The correct hex driver drill bit included means all you need is an 18v rated drill to quickly assemble your raised bed.

They are all 2 tiers and 40cm high – the recommended height for root vegetables and tall enough to make planting flowers or anything else much easier.

Compare sizes using the selector tool below and choose the right raised bed kit for your garden:

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Don't forget to view our customer photos to see what our customers are doing with their raised beds and sleepers.