Loam Soil – Topsoil For Optimum Growth (800L)

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Give your plants and vegetables the perfect balance of clay, sand and silt for optimum growth and easy gardening

Working with the leading producer of environmentally sustainable soil in the UK, we are pleased to offer BS3882:2015 compliant loam soil – the topsoil we recommend for providing your plants, flowers or vegetables with the optimum foundation for growth.

Topsoil is a very general term, and where loam soil differs is that it constitutes a precise mixture of clay, sand and silt to avoid the extremes and disadvantages of either one.

With loam soil being a high grade formulated topsoil, it offers superior drainage, is easy to work with, highly fertile and therefore an ideal nutrient-rich growing medium for young plants and vegetables to flourish.

The importance of investing in a quality topsoil such as loam cannot be overstated for enjoying your gardening journey.

Our loam soil is guaranteed disease-free and contains no pesticide contamination or glass (yes, you read that correctly!) – sadly all commonplace with much of the cheap topsoil for sale locally and online.

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