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3 Common Questions On Railway Sleepers

Our most requested questions on garden sleepers..

Question 1: What are the best sleepers to use in the garden?

We believe using brand new softwood sleepers that are appropriately treated to protect against insect attack and rott are the best sleepers to use in gardens – they are lightweight, manageable and you know there are no nasty chemicals or carcinogens such as creosote contained within the timber, unlike reclaimed and used sleepers often available locally.

Question 2: Can you lay railway sleepers on soil?

Sleepers that are pressure treated with Tanalith E treatment to HC3 standards can be laid directly over soil and are designed for direct ground contact.

Question 3: How long do sleepers last in the garden?

Garden sleepers that have been treated will last anywhere from 15-30 years – it’s difficult to pin an exact time-frame, as it will vary on many factors and due to the thickness of sleepers, even when the treatment starts waning after 15-20 years, they will still be good for many more years later.

We supply a range of garden sleepers and raised bed kits – all of which are pressure treated with Tanalith E to HC3 standards.