Sleeper Screws Added To Our Product Range

You can now buy sleeper screws with your garden sleepers!

Always endeavoring to make our customers lives easier with most projects being complicated enough, we have added two sizes of long, structural sleeper screws to our range of products.

The 6.5mm x 150mm lengths are for joining corners together by drilling through the 100cm sides of both sleepers, and the 250mm lengths are for drilling in to sleepers below to secure layers together such as in walls or raised beds.

They look superb in natural brown and are resistant to corrosion with a special coating that protects them from the elements.

Don’t forget our raised bed kits already contain all of the screws needed to assemble them – the packs of 50 screws we have introduced are for those with larger projects in mind.

Visit our sleeper screws page to view both packs of screws.